All passports available Color photographs as specified by the embassy
(Photos accompanying the application form Australia, New Zealand visa, size 4.5×3.5 cm., white background, taken no more than 6 months)

(Photo accompanying US visa application, size 5×5 cm., white background, taken within 6 months) Do not insert Glasses in any case England UK No photographs required. (Except for those who are unable to take photos in biometrics or those who are exempt from having to scan fingerprints. Photos must also be submitted.)
Evidence of work

– in case of full-time work, such as work certificate and/or leave and/or salary slip

– in the case of the business owner, e.g. company/partnership certificate or other documents showing that we are the owner with the latest tax receipt and business statement for the past 6 months

– in case of retirement documents (if any), such as a copy of government pensioner ID card Copy of pension payment documents Copy of the last working document If you do not have or are a housewife over 60 years of age, documents may not be required depending on the consideration of the staff

Leave documents Educational evidence (In the case of a student), such as a certificate that We are a student at what level, which institution, will return to study in the next academic year or certify that you have graduated? (as the case may be) and academic reports or transcripts

Itinerary or supporting documents showing the purpose of travel
Ticket booking (if any) Copy of personal documents specifying the new-old name, marital status, family status, such as ID card, house registration, name change certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, child custody certificate, etc.
Reference documents from relatives or friends abroad (if any), such as a letter certifying expenses accommodation confirmation letter Identify the relationship The purpose of the invitation, etc., along with a copy of the passport and visa (if any), evidence of relationship, etc.

Adequate financial evidence for traveling abroad for that trip, i.e. account statement 6 months – 1 year. Accommodation or accommodation booking or accommodation arrangement certificate If the applicant is not of legal age (under 18 years of age) must request a letter of consent from the district/district The consent of the parents who have not traveled abroad is also guaranteed. together with a copy of the ID card signed by the parents who gave consent Past วีซ่าเกษียณอายุ refusal documents (if any) Other relevant documents (if any)