on the Baccarat website will lead everyone to learn about how to play baccarat With counting the card points in playing baccarat, it counts as a bounce. The highest total is 9 and the lowest is 0. Card A is worth 1 point, and cards numbered from 2-9 will still be counted according to their cards. 10 JQK cards have a point value of 0. Points For example

• For example, a player has a card 10 and a 9, it will have 9 points

• For example, a dealer has a card J and 8, it will have 8 points

• For example, in case of having to call more cards, the dealer has a J and a 3 called. The third card comes with 5, so it has 8 points.

* In this example Player side will win and get the full amount of the bet back but if the banker side wins Will receive a return of 95%, i.e. bet at 100 baht, will get back 195 baht, including capital. Summary is Baccarat counting the total points of the cards. Which side has more total points? will be the winning side

How to play baccarat, buttons on the baccarat table

in choosing to play baccarat There will be a variety of betting options. in order to enhance the experience of playing Please study the meaning of each betting box. We have summarized the meaning and explanation of each point as follows:

• Player replaced by blue

  • Banker replaced by blue. If you choose to bet on this side you will get 95% return or 0.95

    • Tie Choose bet here. Will receive a return of 1 for 8, bet 100, get 800, total capital

  • Player Pair, the player side issues the same pair of cards
  • Banker Pair, the dealer side issues the same pair of cards.

    How to bet

    1. Choose the bet amount. Usually, everyone uses the chip symbol to select the bet amount. But you can set the bet amount by yourself.

    2. Choose a betting style. After you select the chip Choose to click on the box you want to bet. such as wanting to bet on the banker side and double bankers then press on the number of chips you want to play And click on the box that you want to bet on.

  1. When the chip is placed on the desired bet field. Click the Confirm button or Confirm
  2. Wait for the dealer to show the card. Usually in the normal room, it takes no more than 30 seconds to wait for the result of the bet.

Return rate

  1. Player side wins, payout rate is 1:1 times.
  2. Banker side wins, payout rate is 1:0.95 times.

  3. Tie win 1:8 payout ratio.


  1. Player Pair payout 1:11 payout.
  2. Banker Pair payout ratio 1:11 times.

  3. Perfect Pair payout ratio 1:25 times.