Male or female, who plays casino online more?

Is it true that most gamblers in Online casinos are only male and in online casinos

How many female players are there? including the motivation for women to start gambling

When it comes to online gambling online casino people unfamiliar with online casino or online gambling through other websites may think that the gambler who gambles through online casino Most or almost all are male. But if you have the opportunity to use the casino. Or have seen the casino scene in many movies. You can see that the casino has a large number of users, both men and women.

because in fact the service user online casino There are equal numbers of both males and females. and from the survey results from the Center for Problem Gambling Studies Faculty of Economics Chulalongkorn University 2017 found that women gamble more than men. And tend to gamble continuously increasing. The main reasons why

women gamble more than men Due to the presence of people close to gambling, such as family members, close friends, etc., and there are additional surveys that show that there are more

The motivation for women to gamble is their propensity to gamble. and is rather superstitious It concluded that the gambler rate and online gamblers who choose to gamble through online casino Both males and females are likely to have very different numbers. In addition to the basic gambling behavior of both males and females. There

are still more reasons to gamble online. online casino has been very popular and is likely to continue to gain popularity is because of playing
online gambling online casino can play anytime and every place just have a mobile phone or devices that can connect to the Internet will be able to enter online casino by

adding line as a way to apply for online casinos Also known as the entrance to the online casino itself in addition to the application channel. online casino accessible There is also a reason for funding and time. in terms of capital If you choose to travel to gamble at a casino or casino, you need to have.

travel funds Because the nearest casino of Thailand still have to travel to Cambodia ever And when going to play each time must travel far A certain amount of travel funds have already been used. You will need a minimum of thousands to tens of thousands to be worth every trip. This is in contrast to playing through online casinos. online casino

Using the minimum amount to top up credit is only 300 baht, which is an amount that is cheaper than the cost of traveling to Cambodia to gamble the same in all
respects in terms of time. If you work full time with working days exact time in and out of work It’s almost impossible for you to be able to travel to the casino yourself so

often. Because of the time spent traveling there. different from playing through online casino taking a break or after work That you can play whenever it’s convenient for you.