There are many terms in online casino poker that you will need to know. so that you can understand the words and the symbols that appear and do it right As you enter, you will find many words, exotic and must be used to play the following.

Hole Card is the first two cards of poker. The dealer distributes it to you at the very beginning of the game. A

Community Card is a total of 5 community cards that will be opened at the end of the game. Divide the turn three times together.

Flop is the show of cards in the first round. In the first pile, there will be three cards out of a total of 5 cards in your hand.

Turn is the poker cards in the second pile. It will be opened only after the first deck of cards has been revealed. Only 1 card will be opened.

River is the last card that you will have to open to take your guess. In which to reveal this pile of cards, you will only open 1 card.

Call is to draw more cards to receive the remaining cards. After you have received the first 2 cards, the chance to win a

Raise is to increase the bet amount each time an additional card is requested. Or open each pile of cards to fight each other.

Fold is to give, not fight, not put extra money. or surrendering and not fighting In this way you will have to close the cards. And wait for the play of the other leg to continue until the end of the game and start playing again in the next

step . Pot is the pot that all legs invest each time bet. will be included in this pile all who can beat Will get this money.

Small Blind is the decision to fight in the final round. To call for more money for the remaining legs to join the card battle,

Big Blind is the final decision of the fight. Which will overlap each other to threaten to give when your cards are not good or need more money for opponents to put money down accordingly and he was sure that he could win one way or another.

Showdown is the last deck of poker cards to fight. After the bets are not overlapped until the end. to see who will get the money In order to see which cards are obtained on each side Whoever gets paid to

check is a good poker hand. and want to call for more money And get more cards with it.

Pre-Flop is that you put a certain amount of money. to call on the other legs to follow before the first three cards are revealed. Which is not least that the play ends here. because the cards should not risk the amount Those who put money in will not have to show the cards to the opponent at all.