Teach how to read football prices to be easy to understand for newbies.

read football prices, football prices today That new gamblers must understand before starting to bet on football is the price that is very important to football betting for new gamblers who don’t know how. reading football prices Today we have the method of teaching. Read the price in a way that is easy to understand. Come for you to study If you want to know what the price reading is and what kind of price reading. can follow to see the information Let’s

read the following. What is the football price?

Reading the football price is that you have to read and see the football price from the football table on the web, online football betting, within the football betting website, in addition to having other information for you to see. There is still a ball price in the ball table For you to look at as well. Football prices that you should read. There will be many types. and many types, whether it is a bargain price, a secondary price, a full price or a half price You have to understand with football prices today All this before betting on football, if you do not have an understanding of football prices, you will not be able to bet on football to make a profit at all, so if you want to be a bettor who bets on football and earns a lot of profit, you Should study how to read football prices well before

reading different types of football prices

1. Price 0.0

Means that no team is the next team and the secondary team, if the result is always, will get the capital back and if it wins, will get full money

2. Price 0.25 , 0-0.5
is to bet on teams And the result always comes out will only lose half of the money But if stabbing the secondary team It will get half the money as well.

3. Price 0.5 , ½
is the bet on the team. To get full only when winning more than 1 ball or more, if draw or lose, you lose full

4. Odds 0.5/1 , ½+1 , 0.75
is to bet on the next team. But must win from 2 goals or more Will get the full price If only 1 goal is scored, will get half the price Draw and lose will get full

5. Price 1
is to bet on the next team and shoot 1 ball. The secondary team that loses only one ball will be considered a draw.

6. Price 1/1.5, 1.25
Choosing to bet on the next team that wins 2 more goals Go to get full price. If you get 1 ball, you lose half the money. And all draws lose, if the secondary team loses 1 goal, get half the money. and if draw will get full money

7. Price 1.5
Is to bet on the next team, but must win 2 or more balls to get the full price, if bet on the underdog team, lose only 1 ball or tie, will receive the full price

8. Price 1.5/2, 1.75
is to bet on the next team must win 3 Children up to get full price. If you only score 2 goals, you will get half the money. And if you can only do 1 ball, you will lose the full

9. Price 2/2.5, 2.25
is a bet on the next team that has to shoot more than 3 balls to get the full price. But if it is the underdog team that loses 2 goals only gets half the money and loses 1 goal will get full.

Reading football prices is considered very important to you. Because of the information that we recommend for you to see today. You can see that the football odds are not only one odds, but 9 odds together, so if you don’t want to make a mistake while you are betting on football, You should study how to read football prices. And should study the football price today, each price that is paid, how This will not cause you any confusion.