Teach you how to play popular tiger and dragon cards.

Teach you how to play tiger and dragon cards. Great game, easy to win. In every online casino will offer card games. Dragon Tiger to the players for sure. But for anyone who is not familiar with this game. We will take everyone to get to know it here.

Tiger- Dragon, how to play, and what it is.

In fact, Dragon Tiger card is a card game that is as easy as playing Baccarat online. But it is different in that online baccarat can bet in many ways from the available options. and baccarat will have more patterns than dragon tiger cards By baccarat, an action option per card can increase points. which can use up to 3 cards. As for the tiger, the dragon will not draw any cards at all. This game is played with speed and ease. The payout ratio is good, making Tiger and Dragon cards more popular than other online casino games.

Rules of playing cards Tiger and Dragon

• You have 3 betting options in Tiger, Dragon: Tie, Tiger wins or Dragon win

• In an ongoing game. There will be not much time to bet, so you have to choose in mind what you want to play. Place bets quickly Before the dealer stops accepting bets and reveals the cards, the

result of each card given in the game is K = 13, Q = 12, J = 11, A = 1. In addition, According to the suit

• awarding winning it. will look at the number of points of cards on each side, whether tiger or dragon has more points Whoever has more wins Whoever is less loses.

• If the result is a tie (Tie), then who bets on Tiger or Dragon? will lose half the bet

The payout ratio of Tiger and Dragon is as follows:

• Dragon or Dragon if wins, payout ratio is 1 : 1 times

• Tiger or Tiger if wins payout ratio is 1 : 1 times.

  • Tie Game or Tie, if win, payout ratio will be 1: 8 times

    How to play Dragon Tiger

    • Go to Live Casino Lobby, select Tiger Dragon card game

  • Then select the desired game room

    • You have Three options For bets on Dragon, Tiger and Tie

  • Dealer will deal 1 Dragon and 1 Tiger cards face down
  • When playing cards will be counted from only one card. Which side is more wins

    • No more cards are drawn in the whole game

    Why is this game so popular today?

    Because the Tiger, Dragon cards have a high payout rate. and the game is fast For any player who does not like to spend a lot of time playing any card games at online casinos. Make this game answer those gamblers. But with the chance, the probability of the cards is very small. Makes this game risky enough, the outcome is 50/50. Players must use their luck to play this game, get it, lose it, have to set a clear limit to play. and should not pursue losses.