Why play baccarat half pay?

Baccarat tables are available in many different types, but the most popular are 2 types:

1. 5% deduction on the Banker side: if Banker (the dealer) wins, the side that bets Banker will pay a commission of 5%,
for example, bet Banker 100 baht Banker win, you will pay only 95 baht, stabbed player has the full thrust of 100 baht to 100 baht no less

2. If the tick button no Commissions Banker wins with 6 points (you have 6 points), who was stabbed Banker to play baccarat. Pay only half (50%) if winning at other points, get full

Example 1, bet Banker 100-baht, banker 6 points, Player 4 points, Banker wins, you get 50 baht

Example 2, bet Banker 100 baht, banker 4 points, Player 1 point, Banker wins (win while not 6 points)

You get the full amount of money bet = 100 baht (all types of gambling are at risk, this is not guaranteed).

Playing baccarat is like gambling in general, there must be rules to play, but baccarat online. easy to play Using the principle of counting points similar to Pok 8 Pok 9, this type of card is already very popular to play. thus, understanding how to play quickly as for the same payout, 2 cards will be given to each person first. If Pok knows the result

of losing and winning, it is similar to playing poker itself. If the card is less than 7 points, it can be called more. Then the game is played quite quickly, making it possible to win almost every 3 minutes.

Bets can be wagered in many ways, such as bets on a tie or even bet on a pair of cards. Or some tables have big bets, small bets, similar to dice, so playing has a variety, not monotonous, allowing players to enjoy the game all the time.